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Chef Paulette

In my HUMBLE opinion. . . CBS is the lowest of the low. I suppose they were too timid to hatchet Dan Rather. If I were Queen of CBS. . . I wouldn't care who he is or in this case, was, he'd be outta my organization. None of HIS dirt would soil my kingdom. . . But, I guess that's why I'm NOT the Queen of CBS or any other "news" org.

Call me The Cut-throat Chef, please.

Cutthroat, indeed, Chef.

Take small comfort in this: at least they actually fired Mapes, rather than allowing her to resign. And, as for Blather, er, Rather's pending retirement - good riddance, ciao, don't let the door hit ya on the way out the door, etc... It would have been oh-so-much nicer to see him get a swift kick in the keyster, I agree, but at least he's out. I'm sure that soon we'll hear Mapes has been appointed head of the ship at some yellow journalism tabloid somewhere.. The National Enquirer, perhaps? And maybe Dan, his daughter and his buddy Bill Burkett can cohost some Dem fundraising bbq's for Hillary in Texas, come 2008. Now there's a frightening thought.


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